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Email has now become the preferred media for both acquisition and retention according to Target Marketing Magazine.

Convergence of Email and SMS Text
As more and more people begin to get their email on their PDAs and smart cell phones, and as some 40% already block pictures in their email - email and SMS Text are becoming increasingly similar. Email best practices even recommend a less than 140 character text version, to go along with the HTML version for those who receive all their email on their smart phones.

Nonetheless Email and SMS Text will likely never completely converge and each has it strengths and weaknesses.

The single biggest difference bewteen Email and SMS Text is that SMS Text is limited to 140 text characters. SMS Text thusly requires marketers to get to the point and make short, simple offers, or announcements. Mobile coupons, voting polls, contest and alerts are typical communications.

Email on the other hand can be pages and pages of colorful html. User reasearch indicates in general that email may be considered less personal than SMS Text and more attuned to orginization or business communication. Perhaps because email can be so much more lengthy and colorful and is because it is typically generated with relative ease at a full size keyboard it is considered less personal than SMS Text messages which arrive on a small, intimate screen carried on the person. Certainly many people use email for personal communication bewteen friends and family, but as the both media evolve SMS Text tends to be replacing email as the primary communication tool between friends.


For the Mobile Marketer, email and SMS Text has many advantages over traditional direct mail.

Lower Cost Per Thousand

The cost of sending email and SMS Text and renting email and SMS Text prospect lists has gradually declined while printing and postage costs have sky-rocketed.

Fast Execution, Robust Tracking
Email has the advantages of being easily tracked for open rates, click throughs and sales conversions. SMS Text while less easily tracked can show instant response and increased traffic. Email and SMS Text campaigns can be executed in days or even hours versus weeks and sometimes months for direct mail.

Email is a Two Screen Medium
Email now offers two screens for the price of one when you consider that more and more folks get their email on their PDAs and mobile phones as well as on their computers.

Environmentally Conscious
Because email and SMS Text uses no paper and vehicles to be delivered, they appeal to those growing numbers of consumers concerned about the environment.

Append Email Addresses to Your Postal Lists
Appending email addresses to your current customer file is a great way to quickly begin using the power of email for CRM and customer retention. If you are not emailing your customers, your missing one of the best ways to interact and serve your current customer base.

Reverse Append Postal Addresses to Your Email File
With reverse email append you can dramatically enhance your email file with the richness of postal address demographic, lifestyle and purchase behavior information. Reverse append allows you to learn the important characteristics of your email customer or inquirer base as well as allowing you begin the first steps of reaching your file through multiple channels.


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